Electrical Repair Services

Welcome to our Garden Electrical Repairs page!

At Tuinman Gartner, we understand that a well-maintained garden is not just about greenery and aesthetics; it’s also about ensuring the safety and functionality of your outdoor electrical systems. Our expert team specializes in a wide range of garden electrical repair services, providing you with the knowledge and expertise needed to keep your garden both beautiful and safe.

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Outdoor Lighting Repair

We offer comprehensive outdoor lighting repair services, ensuring that your garden remains well-lit and inviting. Whether it’s fixing malfunctioning fixtures or upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting, we’ve got you covered.

outdoor lighting

Electrical Outlet Repair and Installation

Safely power your garden equipment, tools, or entertainment systems with our electrical outlet repair and installation services. We can add new outlets or repair existing ones to meet your specific needs.

outdoor power outlet

Irrigation System Wiring Repair

A properly functioning irrigation system is crucial for maintaining a healthy garden. We diagnose and repair issues with your irrigation system’s electrical wiring to keep your plants well-watered.

wiring fix

Electrical Safety Inspections

Our experienced team can conduct thorough electrical safety inspections, meticulously identifying potential hazards in your garden’s electrical systems, and recommend necessary repairs with precision and expertise.

electricity safety

How We Do It

  • Assessment and Diagnosis: Our experienced technicians begin by assessing your garden’s electrical needs and diagnosing any existing issues.

  • Recommendations: Based on our assessment, we provide clear and practical recommendations, considering your budget and preferences.

  • Professional Repairs and Installation: We use industry-standard tools and techniques to perform repairs and installations with precision. Our focus is on safety and durability.

  • Testing and Quality Assurance: Before concluding any project, we thoroughly test all electrical systems to ensure they are working correctly and safely.


Recent Projects

Here you can see some examples of some recent electrical projects on actual clients sites. All images were taken with the clients permission.

electrical project

We recently worked on a simple job of fixing a short circuit that was happenig on some outdoor lamps.